Soup – Universal Cure For Cold

You always prepare the same recipe to cure cold — and it is always soup. Scientists wonder — Why?

Chicken soup, known as Jewish penicillin, had been recommended as a treatment for cold back in 12th century. In 16th century patients had been advised to consume easily digestible food. This shows how soup kept its epithet for centuries — universal cure for cold.

Modern medicine approves the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects soup provides, and it is a fact that soup is ideal meal, rich in nutrients, and it is also easy to digest. Ken Albala, Professor of History of Food at the University of the Pacific, explains how soup is more related to baby food, than it is to science.

Soup - Universal Cure For Cold

“People always choose the food that will calm them and remind them of a warm home. The similarity soup has with baby food is the main reason why we eat it. They are both rich in nutrients and easy to digest”, added Ken Albala.

Psychologists think that the subconscious psychologic connection people have with food originates in their childhood. We all want to remember our home as a warm and comfortable place.

There is some sort of connection between food and that feeling of warmth and safety soup provides.

Chicken soup is still the most popular and different varieties of this soup can be found in all cooking books ever published. The book “Of Roman Food”, written for pope Gregory XIII in 16th century, the Jesuit priests’ cook in 17th century and the Portugal cook in 18th century keep the oldest chicken soup recipes.

“Fever Essay”, written in 1750, recommends light chicken soup, and chicken is the main ingredient in many soup and broth recipes included in the book “Cooking for sick people and those needing recovery”, published in 1901.

Scientists concluded that soup combines psychological, physical and nutritional sphere through hot and easily digestible nutrients contained in one simple meal.

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